Saturday, January 28, 2012

Peas & Lettuces!

I planted the peas last week right before the rain. . Last year, I planted them so late that I wasn't able to enjoy a decent harvest. This year, I paid attention to the planting schedule and planted right on time. I am hoping for some yummy peas this Spring. I will be planting radishes in the next few days. I already have lettuce in the garden and they are doing well. I may plant bok-choi too. Not 100% sure of it yet as last year, the snails tore them apart soon after I transplanted them. Maybe I will use some natural repellent this year to avoid it. Any pointers? Other then the peas and lettuces, the garden is just resting. My worms are eating slowly but surely and they are producing some great natural manure for my garden. That stuff is gold for a gardener & I am so glad I got those worm bin started! So, how if your garden doing?

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