Friday, July 1, 2011

Pepper Update

All of my peppers are doing really well. It is amazing to see the peppers that you start from seed bear fruit. Last year all my peppers were starters, but this year, I was determined to start them all from seeds. Although I did have a booboo and ended up loosing all the labels for the seeds, but just knowing that they were some sort of hot pepper was enough. All except of type of pepper did well and producing now. The only one that didn't make it was the Black Ornamental Pepper (sadly) but I will just have to wait until next year for those. I plan on overwintering all my peppers that are in containers so next year I have a head start with them. So here are a few pictures of my pepper plants.

The Bhut Jolokia doesn't look like a its a Bhut Jolokia. :(

All the Peppers are looking luscious and green. 

The Fish fertilizer must be working. Everything is looking good!

Not sure what type of pepper this is but it looks HOT

I think these the small cherry like peppers but they are hot!

I think this one is Cherry Pepper.

Lots of flowers in the middle. A few peppers hidden too.

No peppers on this one yet, but it is growing quite tall! :)

Bell Peppers! Overwintered plant from 2010

Another one from last year. At 5 peppers on each plant!

The stalks on these are quite thick. I am glad they overwintered on their own!


  1. Nice Peppers!! mine a very little , great photos

  2. Thanks Andrea. with the warm weather, the peppers are growing quite nicely. I am sure yours will be producing in no time!