Friday, July 1, 2011

Bee Hive

While I was outside today taking beautiful pictures of my wonderful garden, I noticed that I had quite a lot of bees in the backyard. I do have veggies and fruits trees back there but was shocked to see that the bees were just flying around as if they live there. Well, after some walking around the backyard, I noticed that they do. There is a small bee hive in my backyard right on the covered shed we have. It is quite small but there are a lot of bees on and around it. My mom suggested we get rid of it, but since they aren't in the way of anything and actually help pollinate my vegetables, I am going to leave them alone. What would you do though? Would you get rid of the beehive or just leave it?

Pretty small and high up... Will they make the hive bigger eventually? Or will they leave it at this size? If you have any similiar stories or suggestions, please comment. First time dealing with bees. :) 

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