Monday, June 27, 2011


A few days ago I noticed that one of my bags of potatoes (half filled only) was dead and dry. I might have overfed or over watered it, but I did something that caused it to die. So, I emptied the bag to see if there were any potatoes inside and to my surprise, I found a couple handfuls of baby potatoes. This bag was my experiment bag. I had filled it with steer manure, grass clippings and a little soil to see if the potatoes would form and I am happy to say, they did! Now, if only I hadn't done something wrong in caring for the plants, I may have gotten quite a nice harvest.

Well, I took the baby potatoes and stored most of them in a cool cabinet so I can plant them in the fall for a fall crop. I did cook a couple of the potatoes along with some carrots and garlic from the garden. I roasted it in the oven and after about 20 minutes, I had the most yummiest potatoes I have ever eaten. They were super buttery and so tender.

I've never had a potato so delicious!I am really happy that these potatoes are this delicious as I picked up the tubers from my local Wal-Mart just to give potatoes a shot. Now, if my other bag and bucket produce nicely, I will save some of them for seeds and keep planting them in bags/bucket. I don't have room to plant them in the ground. I may get a bigger container for them next season.


  1. Homegrown potatos are the best! Cant wait till mine are ready! Im growing red and purple ones!

  2. I wanted to "test the waters" this year to see if I can grow them in containers... If all goes well this year, then I will def try more varieties next year. :)