Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I wanted to share the abundance of colors our Nasturtiums provide in our garden. We had many different colors and they are all very gorgeous. We have both the trailing kind and the compact. Take a look.



  1. I love Nasturtiums! If you save seeds we can trade! I have a white nasturtium and a butter color one. I also have red and burgundy and orange. I love these in the garden! I don't have the bright yellow ones though! Yours Nasturtiums are looking so nice!

  2. Hi! Yes yes yes! I do save the seeds. I also have seeds left in the package that I recently bought. They are the compact kind and they have beautiful colors in them. Let me know if you want those or I can save you the seeds from this years blooms. I don't have any white or butter colored ones so I am excited about those! Let me know! :)