Friday, June 17, 2011


No, not really mutants! Crazy Carrots more like it! Yesterday I dug up a few of my carrots that I had growing in a 6 inch container to find these wonders! They look like the claws of death lol! I wasn't shocked as I didn't expect those carrots to do that well. It was either the pot was too shallow or transplanting them from the main pot to the one I pulled them from made them all crocked and caused them to have multiple "shoots" and here I was thinking that that only broccoli had side shoots! LOL.

The Cosmic Purple Carrot is from a separate pot and they seem to be growing quite well. 

My niece (and I) had no problem devouring the carrots after I washed and peeled them. The smaller "claws" were like baby carrots and they all tasted good. I am excited about my main harvest!


  1. Hi ROmi! very nice Harvest! good for your niece that she likes carrots!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I am still having trouble with my account
    (from howisitincalifornia)

  2. Hi andrea,

    thanks! My niece loves to eat out of the garden. She will usually request a salad or something "healthy" for lunch... I am glad she likes veggies. I hope you can get things figured out with the whole commenting ...

    Happy Gardening :)