Monday, May 9, 2011

An Update

Two heirloom Pink Brandywine tomatoes. Their leaves are like potato leaves.

We have had a beautiful visitor to the garden a few times. It returns almost daily.

The wildflower "patch" is doing great. Lots of seedlings popping up! I can already decipher the CA poppies.

We added two new beds to the front yard. This one has some herbs and some succulents along with a few wild flowers. In the back, I have my blackberry plants that I purchased from Stark Bros. last year. They are doing wonderful.

This is the second bed. It has different bulbs, a few herbs as well and some wild flowers.

Those green things aren't bugs! They are beans! My dwarf Hestia bush beans are blooming beautifully and they have beans on them as well. :)

The Hestia Beans. They are doing wonderful and I sowed some more seeds to the container so it looks full. I planted these more for their beautiful flowers, the beans are a bonus ;)

Hestia Bean blooms are gorgeous!

Our volunteer CA poppy plant has its first bloom. I love these!

These wild flowers come to our garden year after year and I must say, they are one of my favorites. They bloom in different colors and oh my do they add a distinctive beauty to the entire yard. I see them popping everywhere in the yard and I leave them alone as they blend well with almost everything. If anyone knows what these are called, please let me know.

Mom's "bell" flowers as she calls them are blooming as well and they are VERY beautiful.

In the main garden, the bokchoy has started to seed and I am letting them. I did pull a few to eat but the small ones remain.

These "volunteer" bokchoy grew quite impressively to my surprise. I harvested these today to add to dinner. They were delicious!

My radishes are peeking through now and I have been harvesting these for the past week or so. They are very delicious!

My early girl tomato have blooms on them. I can't wait to get the tomatoes. I plucked the blooms prior to these to let the plant grow but now they are strong enough. I am very excited. I love tomatoes!

The bag o' taters are huge. They are quite big and growing now. They are hilled to the top and now I am just waiting for them to grow more and die back... a sign that they need to be harvested.

The "experiment" lettuce is doing good. I got these gourmet lettuce seeds from ebay and wanted to see how they grow. They grew really quickly and really well so I will definitely be adding this to my fall garden.         

I harvested these from the garden today. Nothing beats the taste of freshly harvested veggies. They bokchoy was one of the best tasting I have ever had and the radishes were mild adding a much needed zap to dinner.        


  1. Always something new and exciting to see everyday in the garden! So much fun! Love seeing what you have growing!

  2. YOur vegguies are doing great!!! I agree the best tasting greens are from the garden! my hubby eats only the salad from our garden! he says the lettuce taste like it has sugar on it ;)

    I love your beans! ine dont have flowers but they are climbing :)

  3. Wow! Your garden & produce look so great!

  4. Thanks ladies! Andrea, I just saw that you too have beans on your plants :)

  5. The self-sown flowers are Nigella Damascena, commonly known as Love-in-a Mist. Love the seed pods which are great dried for a winter flower dispaly.