Friday, May 27, 2011

Short Update of the Garden

My Early Girl tomato has many flowers on it! Will have some tomatoes very soon.

The Early Girl in the main garden is growing quite tall.

My bucket and bag of taters are doing awesome. Now, I hope that they are producing potatoes too ;)

Carrots are peaking through, they aren't very long. I cheated & pulled one out its quite short. Hope they grow more.

My cucumbers are doing great! There's even a little cuke starting to form. Hope it pollinates.

Number 2 of the cucumber plants that grew to this size is doing well too.

The peas are producing. I harvested 4 pods today and munched on them while I worked in the garden.

My biggest onion plant, still no onion forming but I'm waiting patiently.

My first pepper bud on my peppers that I started from seed. I am so proud! :)

Half of the pepper plants. They are all growing pretty nicely.

It's no lie when someone tells you that Bhut Jolokia plants grow very slowly. They are super duper slow. These are the only two that survived off the 4 seedlings. Only 4 of the 10 seeds germinated.

Pink Brandywine tomato plant is growing quickly.

My reserve Okra plants need to be transplanted soon. 


  1. Romi, your garden is looking good! I am hoping the sun stays for the summer and that might garden will kick into high gear! I cant wait for that first tomato!

  2. Jenn,

    Today's weather made me so happy. I was out in the garden working on getting my homemade trellis up. My cukes are blooming which makes me so happy! I am anxiously waiting for the first tomato!