Saturday, April 16, 2011


Peppers that is! Look what came in the mail today! After much thought and consideration, I finally decided to order some Bhut Jolokia aka Ghost pepper seeds. They were pricey but I've been wanting these since last year and finally gave in. Now, I hope that I at least get 85% germination and have at least 5 plants. These plants will take much care and love. I will be heading to Home Depot tomorrow to get some Jiffy Soil mix and some starter pots so I can give these babies a wonderful start. Will keep y'all updated. Wish me luck!


  1. HI Romi!
    Nice, good luck withthose peppers, in the place you live you have so much sunny and hot days that for sure success is yours with those plants! Collect some seeds lated for a trade!

    About the soy seeds firts I let them soak for one hour or two, you can leave them overnight, then place them in a wet napkin or wet newspaper , keep them moist in a plastic bag , tupperware or empty yogurt pot (those ones with a snap lid) in three days you will have them germinated, I did it already 4 times I planted them by the fences because I don't have any room in raised beds. :) watch out for snails they ate my first sowing....good luck :)

  2. Sounds like you are a pepper lover! These are the super, super hot ones, right? My husband is the pepper fiend in our family. Keep us posted on their progress. I might give them a try next year.

  3. Andrea: Thanks!!! I am giving it a shot now. Hope they sprout soon. :)

    If they grow well for me, I can send you some seeds to try next year :) I Love Peppers! Grew them when I was 7 years old and its been a passion since then!