Saturday, April 2, 2011

Garden Addiction/Craze

I love gardening so much that I think its truly driving me crazy! I have so many seeds that I got for really cheap to free and don't have enough land to plant them. I have been trying to find people to share them with and have sent out quite a lot of seeds, which makes me really happy. I am also still in the works of adding another raised bed on the concrete in my backyard. That will probably take place sometime next week. Today I stopped by Home Depot and they had an amazing sale on the Super Soil potting mix. They are normally around $5 and today they were $2.48 per 1 cubic feet of soil. I got 3 bags for my pepper plants I will be transplanting in a week or so. I might go back tomorrow and buy 5 more bags that I could add to the raised beds once they are done. The garden is doing ok. I am really impressed with my pepper plants. is stared them about a month ago in my brother's grow room and they are doing wonderful. I have about 15 pepper seedlings right now and I hope they all make it. I had one lonely seed left of the black ornamental pepper from last year and I am desperately trying to sprout it. This year I plan on growing 4 varieties of tomatoes, Early Girls, Roma, Pink Brandywine, and Money Maker. They are all heirlooms and from what I've heard, they are very delicious. I am also attempting lettuces again. I currently have Black Crimson loose leaf lettuce sowed in the garden and I really hope they make it. I also have Spinach sowed in between the onions in the raised bed and really hope they sprout. I am looking forward to some delicious salads in the near future. The bokchoy is slowly growing. It has all of April to grow and then it will probably be too hot for them. I also have peas growing quite nicely. Last night I soaked three different varieties of okra, Jade, Burgundy and Burmese. Once those sprout, I will be planting them in starter pots and later transplanting them to the front yard. Mom said it was ok and since we are growing the Burgundy okra for the first time, I am sure she is just as curious I am about them. With so much anticipated for this season, I hope everything turns out at least half as good as I am hoping. My goal is to prove to my family that we can live off of the stuff we grow. Last year, I did that with my tomatoes but everything else was a little blah. I learned alot from last year and I hope, really really hope, that I can do better this year. I will try to take pictures of the what is going on in the garden later this week. Until then, happy gardening!


  1. Greetings from Southern California

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  2. Hi Ron! I am now following your blog! Thank you for reading :) I hope to read some of your pieces very soon.

    God bless you!

  3. very nice written...I like it. God bless you and keep on writing beautifully like this. you are doing such a GREAT job. jij

  4. It sounds like there is a lot going on in your garden and more great stuff to come. I am curious about your experience with bok choy. When did you plant? Seed or transplant? What was the harvest like? I'm guessing this is a cool weather crop. I'd like to try it next year. Any advice?

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I always love to find other Sacramento gardeners, I hope we can trade info and maybe seeds!

  5. Hi Christine! Your blog is a wonderful read! I planted bokchoy last year and the harvest was ok. It ended up being too hot so they bolted pretty quickly, but yes, def a cool weather crop. Last year I transplanted them into the garden but I directly sowed them this year. I have seeds if you want try them out this year. I have a lot of bokchoy seeds so just let me know if you want some and I will mail them to your address. :) And if you get a chance, please follow my blog. Thanks!

  6. Hi Romi! I'm afraid it is too late to plant bok choy this year but thanks for the offer. Sadly I never get it together to really take advantage of our mild winters and get a cool season garden going. I tried some bok choy transplants that I received from a friend last year but it was late spring and they never really thrived. I wound up pulling them out and tossing them in the compost heap.

  7. ...and thank you for your compliment on my blog! I am now "following" you as well!