Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brief Garden Update

Sunflower like flower in my garden last year
The weather here in Sacramento, CA has been a little weird compared to what its been like for a past few years. I remember last year, I had all my plants in the ground and things were growing by this time, but this year seems cooler. I do have most of my plants in the ground, minus some tomatoes that still to grow a little, but they all seem to be stunted. The roses in the front yard are blooming now. About a week ago, mom and I prepared a corner in the front yard and spread wild flower seeds there. All of them are peeking through now. Makes both of us very happy. There is going to be a great mixture of flowers in that little lot. I am hoping for a couple of sunflower like flowers. Last year, when I spread wildflower seeds in a container in the backyard garden, I had a very pretty flower sprout. Although I am not sure of its name, it looked like a mini sunflower. Very pretty.

Aside from the wildflower "plot", the burgundy okra has sprouted as well. I saw them peeking through the soil in the starter seed containers when I checked on them today. The Burmese and Jade okra hasn't sprouted yet. I hope they trail behind those Burgundy okras soon. The backyard garden is coming along though. The cucumber plants have their true leaves coming on now. Tomatoes are coming along. Radishes have sprouted and are growing, growing and growing!

There's my short (right?) update. Worms will be here sometime next week. I ordered 1 lb from Ebay for $25.00. The worm bin is set up and is rotting away. I've read that the more microbes there is, the faster it is for the worms to break it down. I hope this goes well. :) I will keep updating.

I hope everyone's garden is flourishing! Happy Gardening everyone! :)


  1. The weather has been unusual here this year. I hope it stabilizes soon or else I think things will remain stagnant.

    I love wildflowers. I put in a little patch at the end of one of my raised beds last year and a few are coming back. I can't wait to see what returns. I had some vigorous Black Eyed Susans last year and I think that's what are sprouting.

    Your orange flower looks a little like a Zinnia, the foliage especially -- or it could be a type of Mexican Sunflower, they are smaller than traditional Sunflowers. Zinnias are one of my favorites and grow really well in Sacramento's dry heat.

    Remember to take lots of pictures as your wildflowers start to bloom. I'm always looking for new things to try.

  2. Christine,

    I am really excited about the wild flowers as well. They are one of my favorites in the garden because once you sow the seeds, you don't know what to expect. I'll be sure to post up pictures as they begin to grow and bloom. My mom has some wild flowers that return annually because they seed themselves. Not sure of the name. I will post a picture on my blog to see if anyone knows it. I love zinnas myself. We have some in the front yard. :)