Monday, March 21, 2011

Gardening 2011- the progress...

One of last year's many harvests
Spring is officially here and it is definitely gardening time. I have many seedling started already but there has been some failure involved as well. Some of my peppers sprouted but some didn't I only had one cucumber seeds sprout so tomorrow, I will try a few more. I just received some new seeds from a couple of trades and am very excited about them! For the first time, I will be planting purple carrots!! Yay! I am so excited. I also planted yellow onion sets in the garden already. The lettuce seeds are not sprouting so I might put them in my brother's grow room to start and then transplant them in the garden as soon as this rain passes by. Its been raining for days now and temperatures have dropped. I hope the sun shines soon so I can get my cukes and tomatoes out to the garden. Here are some pictures from last years garden. I don't have much room to work with but this year, I will be adding some more raised beds to a portion of the front yard. We used to have white rocks all over that area and had a car parked there but now it has been moved and I can plant there! Lots of work to get done but I can't wait. I also start work next week so with school and work, things will be pretty hectic but thankfully gardening is very therapeutic for me so I am looking forward to it excitingly!

I'll keep you all posted. :) Happy Spring everyone!


  1. Hello! What a nice harvest!! I like your garden pictures and your blog too, very original!!
    so we live in the saem place, did you know we have 240 days of growing season! that's amazing :)
    thanks for visiting my blog, when the weather gets nicer i will continue planting!

  2. Thanks Andrea! Yes, I realized that we have such a long growing season! its amazing! I didn't do much fall gardening last year but this year, I am all set and planned out! Your garden is amazing as well. Thanks for visiting.