Thursday, March 31, 2011

Garden Update

Its been really nice outside for the past couple of days. After the heavy rainfall we got prior to this beautiful weather, the sun finally blessed us with its presence and its warmth! I couldn't let this opportunity pass, so I was out in the garden both days. I am still waiting on some wood to make my raised  bed on the corner. I have seeds started for it already. I plan to plant eggplants, soybeans, bitter melon, and some other things that I can't think of right now in that garden. If only I had more room, I would plant a whole farm! :)


  1. Nice growing! you will have lots of produce during summer! I have almost the same vegetables and trees! we transplanted a medium fig tree from teh side of our house to the middle back of our yard, it was growing like a bush , so messy and unatractive. WE chopped it up ( to make grow as a tree, left only main big branch) and thought it might not grow , but anyways we planted it and it is growing slowly.
    Our yard was a mess when we moved in, everything was dry and one tree has some kind of disease, we laready talk to an expert gardener neighbor...
    do you grow gourds??

  2. Andrea, that fig tree you see in the picture in on the corner of our backyard too and it was there when we moved in 15 years ago. It is a pain sometimes. I have chopped up the side branches so many times and it just keeps growing back. I have a few more things I have to get into the garden soon and still have a raised bed I need to add. I don't have much space so I can't grow gourds. I wish I did though. Our back yard isn't very big and I have 4 dogs that live back there too so I have a big portion of it caged for them. We also have a 10'x10' storage so that limits my space. I am currently planting in a raised bed against the fence and it is about 3 ft by 6 on one side and 2 ft by 3 ft on the other side. I use containers alot and will be adding an L shaped raised bed on the concrete this year. I want to move to a farm area so badly lol. How long have you been at your current house?