Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You are an evolution to humans....

The pain that I have endured the past couple of days has been indescribable. It was so unimaginable that  I couldn't even write about it. My little girl, my niece Ashrika, was taken away from us by her mother and we weren't allowed to see her. The little girl that I nurtured since her birth was suddenly taken away and I was told to follow the law! What law? The law of this country? Where was this law when a little child was neglected? Why is it that the law appears suddenly at others' convenience? My brother girlfriend (as I call her now) decided that after a small between the two of them, she wanted to be a better mother. Where were these maternal instincts when two of your children were born? What about the times when you left both your son and daughter alone in the room while you were outside with friends? Where were your maternal instincts then? Funny how her maternal instincts suddenly arose when her child was being taken away.

This world is unfair. Life is unfair. Why though? Why have people become so selfish and ill-hearted? Why can't we love each other and just be fair to everyone? Why is there so much hatred in this world? Why are children becoming mere game pieces? I just can't understand. Even after so much has happened, I still care and worry about my brother's girlfriend. Shes pregnant with her third child right now and when she was stressing over all this, I worried about her child more then she did herself. I can't understand myself. Why can't I just not care? I asked my sister, Arti, this last night and she told me that I was the revolutionized species of humans that were meant to go on. Whatever that meant! She said when god comes to take away the bad, I will be amongst those who remain. I'm not certain to what He has planned for the future, but I sure hope it is something that brings humans together. I hope it eradicates the evil from earth and we can live in peace. I hope it makes this earth a safer, happier and more peaceful place to live, where words like hate don't exist and where the law is fair to all.

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