Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First day back to school

Today I returned to school after what seemed a short break. The past couple of weeks have been an awakening for me. Realizing what I can do with what I have opened my eyes to pathways that weren't there for me last year. The money saving tactics I have learned in the past couple of weeks has changed how I view expense now. People spend thousands of dollars a year on necessities that can be "bought" for merely pennies. To give an example, I spent nearly $50 a month, every month last year for shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, feminine products and other oral/hygiene items. In the past week, I have stockpiled toothpaste, feminine products and some oral care products for the entire year for about $10. I am not ashamed to admit that I have 30 tubes of toothpaste sitting in my cabinet because all those tubes cost me about $1. I also have 40 bars of Olay soap which will last us for 3 years now. I got it all for about $5; they normally cost about 2.50 for 2 bars. Some might think I am hoarding, but honestly, I will be sharing these with my sisters, mom and other family members. Also, given the financial situation we are in, there are months when we can't even afford a bar of soap so this insurance brings me peace. In the past we have had months when we didn't have any shampoo or conditioner and simply couldn't afford it and ended up using samples we had stashed away. Now, I know that day won't come for a while.

The whole experience of being able to save much needed, hard earned money is fun yet very enlightening. I know that even when I will have the funds to buy these products at regular price, I never will. Couponing is exciting and its a way of life for me now. I don't care if the cashier looks at me funny. I actually know for a fact that stores are reimbursed 110% of the coupon value by manufactures and they appreciate us couponers. I also know that in this bad economy it is sensible to save your money and its also sensible to utilize coupons because they actually help the economy! I follow many women *mostly* that have saved their families approximately $20,000 a year by using coupons and following the simple rules. The number may seem high but its so believable to me because I have already saved nearly $300 in the past month and if this continues, my savings for this year will be close to the $20,000 mark as well. :) So, if you are reading this, check out my prior post, Couponing, and give this a shot. Trust me, you will be addicted and this is one addiction that brings more good then bad. Thanks!

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