Tuesday, January 4, 2011


To jump start one of my goals for 2011, I recently began looking into "couponing" the old-fashioned way. I subscribed to the Sunday paper which includes some high value coupons and helps with the ink & paper part of printing. You also receive coupons that aren't printable and are worth alot of money. :) I've also been following a few websites such as Hip2Save, Totally Target, The Frugal Find, i Heart Rite Aid and The Krazy Coupon Lady for the past couple of weeks to get the deals down. I finally got all the "paperwork" together and went to Rite Aid with a plan of action today.

I purchased a whole lot of stuff, as you can see in the picture and used some manufacture and some Rite Aid coupons along with my wellness card and got an amazing deal. What you see in the picture:

8 Aquafresh toothpastes
Excedrin Migraine
Excedrin Extra Strength
2 Loreal Hair Colors
2 pkts of Halls
Jumbo Huggies (sz 5 70 count)
2 pairs of house shoes (on sale 50% off)
* there were also two toys included in transaction each at $3 each

I used alot of coupons and my final for 2 transactions was 44.32 + 12.80= 57.12 and received 39 +up rewards. I used 10 up rewards to pay for the first transaction making it 34.32 out of pocket and paid 12.80 out of pocket for the first, leaving me with 29 up rewards for my next purchase. If you do all the math, my final cost for all that in the picture plus 2 toys comes out to $18.12. That is an amazing!!! deal given the fact that we usually pay $22 for the diapers alone. I am so happy and thankful that I found this new "hobby"
 which will help both me and my family to save this year and onward....

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