Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beyond my understanding....

People complain about others not keeping in touch yet put forth zero effort to keep in touch themselves. I can't say I am "great" at keeping in touch with friends but I try. I try to text, email and even call some and I'll continue doing this until I see that the other person makes no effort what-so-ever to initiate the communication. Slowly but surely many of my friendships have ended this way. Of course, there are are a handful of my friends that I don't need to say hello to for months and when we do get the opportunity to catch-up, it feels as if we never stopped talking. But those friends NEVER complain about us not speaking that often. They just know that we think about each other and wish the best but just can't express it sometimes. So, there's my rant. If you are one of those "friends" that messages me once a blue moon on messenger and don't text or call me for ages AND complain about me being too busy then please please please, check yourself! Because a messenger message saying, "hello" isn't always enough. Sometimes if you want to communicate with someone, you just have to pick up the phone and say hello.

That's all. Oh one more thing, I despise hypocrisy.

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