Monday, November 8, 2010

Love... & Life

Life is what you make of it. That quote is as true as it gets. The choices we make in life make our lives what they are today.... will be tomorrow and forever... Yes, ofcourse, there are many things that we don't have control over, but the things we do influence our lives more then the things we don't.

Many times we choose to fall in love so we can be happy, but as great as love is, it can become difficult. That's because there many different types of love in this world and when we pick one love over the other, we run into troubles. Love isn't easy folks. Love is sacrifice. Love is pain. Love is unfair. I say all this with much experience in the "love" department. And honestly, I don't know if I am ready for sacrifice, pain and unfairness just yet.

When we get into a relationship with someone, we, without realizing many times, combine both lives together. Even before marriage, the lives of two people in a relationship become somewhat intertwined. Our actions, words, and  decisions influence each other. The plans that we make for our future as individuals don't really have much value unless both people agree which is quite rare these days. Someone always ends up sacrificing or compromising. But what if there isn't any room for compromise? What if you have to make the choice or else you would be abandoning your responsibilities? Then what?

H and I are in the same predicament. Neither one of us is talking about it, but our lives are VERY different. Of course, we have many similarities, but our differences overshadow them. His plans for the future and my plans for the future are on different ends of the spectrum. So, what do we do now. We  both love each other. We both care about each other and we both want to be together but is our togetherness worth it at the expense of sacrificing our dreams & responsibilities. Its a tough choice but I think subconsciously, both of us have made the decision already. Sadly, our attitudes towards each other is greatly influenced by this subconscious decision. A choice that will forever make life what is will be and makes it what it is today...

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  1. In truth, sincerity and goodness I have always found strength. Speak the truth, be sincere and have goodness of mind and heart and you cant go wrong in whatever you do.

    Do not fear taking on the happiness that life awaits you. Take bold steps and I am sure you will not regret it. You have wonderful potential in the future and I hope you find all the happiness you seek :)