Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Diwali Celebrations

This year Diwali falls on November 5th! We have many ideas for celebrating this wonderful festival of lights this year. I will be making a few sweets, nearly not as many as I did last year. On the list this year is Doodh burfi, doodh peda, lakdi mithai, ladoo, phirni, rasmalai and Indo-Fijian style gulaab jamun. Moms making the latter. I will be making all the rest, but may have mom make the lakdi mithai given I have classes until Thursday evening and have a couple of tests this week. I am also planning on making a rangoli with colored rice this year and making homemade diyas. Diyas have become so expensive and so hard to find nicely decorated once. Stores are asking at least 1.50 for each decorated diya now which is ridiculous given you need at least 20. As if the expenses for Diwali aren't high enough. Prices for ghee is sky rocketing this year as well. For people struggling economically such as myself, homemade DIY projects are the best way to go. I bought candles from the Asian store and they were really cheap there. This year all the women are wearing Saris for Diwali. I have mine picked out already. Planning on wearing a silk sari this year as last year I went with heavy embroidery. If I can get the style down, I might wear it Bengali style but thats only if mom can fix the sari for me. I have so much to get done. I haven't even started preparing any sweets yet, will begin Wednesday evening. The burfi and peda will be done Wednesday and the rest of the stuff Thursday night. This week is going to be super busy for me. Lots of cooking and baking involved. I have a cupcake order for a birthday party for Saturday Nov. 6th as well so I will need to squeeze in prep time for that as well. I may also have to do a baby shower cake for Saturday Nov 6th if the order is confirmed. Honestly, I will be happy if its not. Being so busy with Diwali, I have a feeling I will be very very tired. Mom leaves for Fiji Nov 9th and won't be back until Dec 21st. Makes me really sad, but she has to go for medical reasons. Novembers going to be a very busy month as is December! Time to get ready for the Holidays... :) Happy Diwali everyone!!!!

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