Monday, October 25, 2010

Life through my eyes right now....

A lot has been going on lately. So much that I haven't had the time to write. Its been weeks and for those that have checked back in to see if I had any updates, my apologies. There's so much that I need to tell you! I've started a home based business which at this time is going really well. I've "promoted" is well enough to get about 10 orders this month raking in a whopping $250! Lol. They were small orders and honestly, it was a great start. On the 30th of October, I will have another opportunity to better promote myself while helping out in a cause that is somewhat unknown to people. The Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) Walk-a-thon is scheduled for October 30th and I will be donating some baked goods for the bake sale. The coordinator for the event has agreed to hand out my "business" cards to people during the event and she also volunteered to hand them out at other events. I've also set up a website that I am very excited about. My families helping promote the business as well, my wonderful sisters have been telling their friends and co-workers about it and my brother in law is setting me up with an event planning team with me being the "caker", lol. I love that term. Caker. I think it should be added to the dictionary.

Aside from "work", I have also been buried in school work. Who knew that 13 units would be so much work. Actually its only the Spanish class that has been requiring most of my time. I can honestly say now, I don't want to learn another language. College applications for CSUs have been submitted and November 1st, I will be applying to UC Davis. I am more lenient towards CSUS right now because I would like to continue my "business" from home if things prosper. So theres the update. I will try to write at least once a week from here on... Hope you are having a great life right now as well. Til next time, happy caking and happy living. :)  

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