Monday, October 11, 2010

Giving up...

Today a friend posted something that was perfect timing. It was something about giving up, giving in or giving it your all. Lately, I've been feeling super duper exhausted yet I feel useless. I don't study as hard as I used to. I slack off here and there and quite frankly, I feel as if I am setting myself up for failure. But, I feel like I can't go on anymore. I feel exhausted. As if I have no energy. I feel like giving up already. Maybe I haven't given it my all. But the repetitive work load and school work along with relationships and trying to find time to do absolutely nothing is exhausting. I wish I hadn't slacked off on school work this part weekend, but I did and now I just want to stop time and catch up! But thats not possible so tonight, I will be pulling at all nighter, trying to figure out spanish, statistics and history. Three things I could care less for right about now!

Buenos Noches ...


  1. I hope things change and your mood towards school changes. Sometimes we burn ourselves out and just don't realize it until we drop everything.

  2. welcome to the club. take timne off right now but a short time off or you will never go back to school.