Friday, August 13, 2010

Time well spent...

I just returned from my vacation. I spent a week in Dominican Republic and a few days in San Diego, CA. Both locations were awesome. The days I spent with my babe, Eduardo, in DR were simply awesome. Each time I visit him, whereever it may be, I realize that I fall in love with him all over again. The little things he does for me make my heart smile. I can't describe how lucky I feel to have someone who is supportive, caring, loving, and so kind to me. He makes me so happy and each day with him is wonderful.

Visiting DR had many other benefits. After taking a "tour" of the place, I realized how close to my heart that environment was. It reminded me so much of home. Home that I left over 13 years ago and have yet to return to. The food, the people, the culture. Everything was so similar to Fiji. I felt like I belonged there. Of course, there were many differences as well but when your heart is happy, its hard to point out things that are unsettling. I'm absolutely thankful to god for giving me the opportunity to visit DR.

The visit to Samana, DR was jaw dropping. Unlike Bavaro, DR, this place was untouched. No tourists, no crowds, just peaceful white sandy beaches with gorgeous turquoise waters. It was so serene and calming. Contrary to Samana was Bavaro and Los Terrenas. They were both tourist spots and were somewhat busy but the experience there was also nothing less of greatness. Each day spent in DR was magical. I'm not sure if it was the gorgeous island, its people, its food or because I was there with Eduardo. I think it was a combination of them all.

Last year around this time I came back from India with such an experience that changed me forever and this year, I was blessed enough to visit another part of this world that broadened my horizons and gave me the opportunity to learn about people that are different yet so much like me. The beautiful people of Dominican Republic certainly have left an imprint in my heart. Their life, struggle, culture, kindness and love will stay with me forever. Thank you Domincana!

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