Thursday, July 29, 2010

Homemade Paneer


1 gallon of whole milk
2 tbsps of white vinegar


Boil milk in a pot uncovered. As soon as milk comes to a boil, add vinegar and stir continuously. The milk will begin to curdle and separate from the whey. Keep stirring until the whey is completely separated. Turn off heat. Let stand for approximately 10 minutes. Empty contents into a colander or strainer lined with muslin cloth. Rinse the paneer with cold water to get rid of the vinegar taste. After washing thoroughly, drain all the water from the paneer. Tie the muslin cloth and hang to drain all excess water. After about 2 hours, empty paneer into a big bowl and knead until it forms a ball. Mold "dough" into a rectangular shape and refrigerate to help solidify. After approximately 4 hours, the paneer is ready to use.

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