Friday, May 21, 2010

Why me God?

Sometimes I sit here and complain to god why my father isn't around... and then I realize, some children don't have either one of their parents around them. Then I shut up and thank god for giving me such a lovely mother.

Sometimes I find myself complaining to god why I have to struggle financially and then I remember all the homeless people I see daily who don't even have enough money for a meal. I then kneel down and thank him for giving me enough to for a roof over my head and 3 meals.

Sometimes I cry and yell to god, why did you give me so much heartache... then I think of all those wives that are widowed and all the husbands without their wives... I then thank god for giving me so much love and strength for those heartaches to heal.

I'm blessed with love, happiness, great friends and a wonderful family. Maybe I don't thank god enough for everything he has given me and all the happiness he has bestowed upon me. But I know deep down inside, I am thankful.

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