Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Newest Hobby!

I started my own backyard & container garden last week. Its been a while since I've planted a garden. I was 7 or 8 last time I had my own garden and that was when I was in Fiji. Reminiscing last week, I decided to give gardening another shot. So, I talked to my mom about it and with the little land we have in the back, I decided to plant some veggies. Now, when I say little, I mean 2 feet by 10 feet. So there isn't much room. I also planted some lettuce, peppers and radish in containers today. So far in my garden I have, cucumbers, beans, sweet basil,  tomatoes and cilantro. The containers have loose leaf lettuce, butter lettuce, Hungarian wax peppers, white radishes, red radishes, mint, thyme, and bell peppers. The latter two are in a upside-down pot. This is first time I am trying that concept. Its not the topsy turvy. Just a homemade upside pot.

So, wish me luck with my planting and I hope my plants give me lots of veggies this year. :) I will keep updating.

Click to see pictures of my garden.

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