Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why Do I Write....?

I spend a great amount of time thinking. Sometimes I think about stupid, unworthy things and other times, I think about things that are significant to me. One thought that always crosses my mind is the many things that I could write about to help people learn from my feelings. If that even makes any sense. Then I thought to myself, “Why do I write?”
I write to escape, yes. But, the main motivation for my writings is to help others learn. Many times, I wonder how I can learn from others. If there is one thing that I can learn from anyone’s life, I would be happy. Moreover, so many times, I find myself being nosey. Asking questions about one’s life and trying to teach myself not to make the mistakes they made or to take the route they did. That is why I write. So, people do not have to ask. So, people can just read what I learned and hopefully, learn something from my experience. Because, someone whom I find to be a mentor is life now said once, “Experience is the best teacher.”

Isn’t that so true!

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