Thursday, February 25, 2010

Age changes it all...

Today an instructor in one of my classes read a very personal essay to us. It was a narrative written in the first person. He wrote is exceptionally well but that wasn't shocking. He has a PhD in English and writing like that must come easy to him or does it?

Writing about such a personal matter can be hard for even one with a PhD. He shared with the entire class a time of his life that was very delicate, a time that was personal; this story helped us understand him better. But, the outcome could have been different. His narrative didn't share a positive side of him. Now, some might have been able to read in between and understand that he has changed a lot as a person; others might perceive him as an inconsiderate jerk who made stupid decisions as a young adult. In my opinion, he has seen so much in life and his life has truly been a journey. He has changed dramatically over the years and today he is a genuinely good human being.

Why am I ranting about a professor? Because today I learned that people change over the years. As we grow and experience life, we become different people. I remember the person I was when I was 16, 20, even 22 but today I am almost 25 and a total different person. He is too and I thank him for teaching me this lesson today, along with many others.

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