Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Poof... its gone!

The time of togetherness, family mingling and feasting on "the bird" has come and gone... I've read my share of blog entries about family disasters, togetherness and food. Thats what Thanksgiving is all about.

Traditionally, at the Lal's residence, I usually cook. Thanksgiving is Mom's day off. She sits on the couch all day, demanding for stuff while I make her my tasting machine! I usually taste the dishes, then have her taste it. Usually, we both either agree or agree to disagree.

This year on the menu was ofcourse The Bird, two chickens, caramalized onion cornbread stuffing, green beans with balsamic vinegar, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, cranapple sauce, pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin pie. The food turned out great! Ofcourse, with every good day comes some bad times....

The craziness began when I couldn't find my therometer. Yes, my meat thermometer. It was just gone. Mom and I searched everywhere! It was no where to be seen. So, worrying about the bird, I had my mother run down the street to "borrow" our neighbor's therometer. It arrived at 168 degrees! My turkey was almost overdone! I hurried it out the oven... and didn't worry about it too much. It turned out ok.

The craziness continued when all my food was done by 4 pm. We couldn't eat dinner until 9 pm. Why so late you ask? Well, at the Lal's residence, we have an unbreakable tradition. We all eat together on Thanksgiving Day. No matter what happens.

My older sister, Joshika and her husband, Donald had to attend a very important family event before dinner. Poor things had to rush back home. But... by the time they arrived, the turkey was already carved!

At 8 pm, my brother walked into the kitchen, DRUNK. He smiled and said, I can't wait anymore. I need food... and reached for the chicken. I ran... no SPRINTED to the table. Mom said, let him eat. My heart shattered as I carved the turkey for my brother and my sister in law. The tradition was broken.

I didn't let that bring me down. When my sister and brother in law arrived, I carved the other half of the turkey and sat down with my family. We ate until we couldn't move and then had some dessert! Got much raves for my cheesecake and pie... My mom's favorite: the homemade rolls. Arti, my younger sister's favorite: green beans. Joshika, my older sister's favorite: mashed potatoes. Grandma's favorite: Nothing. Brother's favorite: everything. It balanced out well. My favorite: the time I spent with family.

No, I haven't forgotten the true meaning of Thanksgiving. So, yes, I did enjoy every minute spent with my family that day. I appreciate them so much! I love my family. As screwed up and disfunctional as they may be, I love them. And always will. I just wish that maybe one year, we can all sit down and have a "normal" dinner. Maybe one year!

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