Tuesday, November 17, 2009


There is a fear that has seized over my heart. I've been through numerous relationships and never in the past have I felt this fear. I blame, yes blame, my last relationship. When you trust someone unreservedly, you don't realize the consequences of that trust being broken. I didn't. Never did I once think about how the negativity of that relationship would affect me. Nor did I think about how it would effect my future relationships. The emotional roller coaster that I rode on a daily basis affected me in many ways. One of them is this fear that has masked my heart.

I have, in some ways, overcome this fear but not to the full extent. I need to be able to trust 100% again without any doubts in my mind. I need to release this fear so someone else doesn't become the victim of my faults and fears. That will make me no different from my ex then. He did this to me and I refuse to do the same to anyone else! I must empower this fear and change in to a strength!

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