Saturday, November 14, 2009

Being Content

Its been a long time since I've had this feeling of satisfaction. A few months ago, my life was chaotic. It seemed like everything was falling apart. Not much as changed since then except the fact that I feel content right now. Not content with life- Not yet. But content with where I am and where I am leading my life.

I started school about a month ago. I am half way done with the two classes I began with. Its been a struggle getting back into the routine of school but I like it. I like to feed the brain. I am not working right now but financial aid is helping me alot. Money problems are still there, but have lessened in some ways.

I have also strengthened my friendships with a few people and omitted a few but all for the better. In the past month, I have learned so many things about people that were "so called friends" and honestly, I'm happy I did. I learned to accept that not everyone is as I make them out to be. 

My relationship with my family hasn't changed but they love me unconditionally and I don't need to be reminded that at any  time of my life. I know they treasure me and will always be there for me through good times and bad. I'm glad I have them.

Religiously, I am excelling. I am continuing with my vows. I am connecting with god on a daily basis. I think I understand "religion" a little better now. My recent understandings have actually enlightened me in ways that might contribute to this satisfaction in some ways.

Honestly, I am happy right now. I don't know if this happiness is external or internal but whichever it is, I am glad I am feeling this way. With gods grace and my hard work, I hope that this feeling continues to embrace me.

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