Monday, October 5, 2009

Wild Weekend

I've been meaning to write about my weekend experience but couldn't add it all up. I've had this weird urge to write for the past 3 days but couldn't find a topic or words to write. I sat down many times with either my book or my laptop and NOTHING! I couldn't write. So today, I sit in a corner in my living room- its now "my corner" and just started writing. Hope its good.

This weekend was quite an experience. I had a "friend" from L.A. visit Sacramento. I must admit, I had a blast. Had some amazing food, drinks and VIP treatment at a club but something else happened. I learned that people aren't what they tell you to be. Its amazing that people can tell you all kinds of things just because they think its the "right" thing to say but never live up to it. I don't expect anything from anyone automatically but when you give me a set of rules that you live by, I then expect you to live up to them. Don't tell me you hate liars when you lie yourself. I don't like hypocrites.

That's something I learned today too. I dislike hypocrites. I believe that if you live by certain "rules" then you should follow those rules. Why expect others to be a certain way when you can't live up to it yourself. Quite irritating!

I learned something about myself too. I'm sorta old fashioned. There was a female at the club I was at on Saturday. She exposed most of her private body parts and let guys "play" with her. I felt embarrassed for her. I actually had to close my eyes. Guys were just staring at her. Some even had a disgusted look on their face. Later on that night, one of my friends decided to have a dance with that exact female. I was enraged! I felt that the people that I associate shouldn't associate with others that are disgraceful and nasty. My friend thought I was old-fashioned.  Am I?

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  1. Um from what I heard, you aren't old fashioned and your "friend" was a guy who wasn't worth your time im sure of it!