Thursday, October 22, 2009


Today, as I was browsing through some really great writing, I came across a post of a blog that I follow very closely. I read Shelly's blog almost daily. Her updates are an inspiration for me. I hope be such a great writer one day.

Her post that caught my eye was "Changing Seasons". Now, I've already written about Fall but her approach was quite different and refreshing. She wrote about the Changing Seasons of Life. Oh my, that hit very close to home. My life has had many seasons.

2009, even though it isn't over yet, has been a very enlightening year for me. My experience in India changed me dramatically. I think earlier this year, I was in a blizzard. So, I believe it’s wise to say that I was in the Winter season of this year.

Right now, I'm back in school and trying to get my life back together. Do you know what season I have crept into? Spring. Yes, I am in the season of Spring in my life right. (At least for this year) It feels like everything died out in the "winter" of my life and today, I am slowly growing into a new person. I picture a small plant cracking out of barren land. And hopefully one day, this plant will be a full grown mature tree.

So, the changes in the seasons of our lives are different, yet very interesting. Amazing, how the seasons of life change, isn't it?

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