Friday, October 30, 2009

I love you....

Time after time, we hear those three precious words in our life. We hear it from our parents, children, siblings (sometimes) friends and ofcourse, lovers. After a while, those words become just words to some of us. We forget the significance of those three words; its strength. To many times in our lives, we forget to tell people how much we love them. I only see a few people that tell their loved ones that they love them. Why do we slowly forget to tell people we love as we did when we first started off?

I try my best to tell people that I love them. I try not to do it too often, but is everyday too often? Personally, I don't think so. As long as you don't forget the significance of it. I realized today that I don't tell my mom enough how much I love her. Maybe when you love someone everyday, you "figure" that they know it. But sometimes, they don't...

So remember to tell that special person in your life that you love them. I'm not saying, do it everyday! But hey, remind them... I love you. It still brings a smile my face and I'm sure it will also bring a smile to theirs.

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