Sunday, October 11, 2009


Pretty red, yellow and orange leaves are almost here! Fall officially started last month but now I feel it in the air! The chilled days... the cool breezes... the time to pull out the sweaters and scarves!

Fall is my favorite season of the year. Not too cold, not too hot... Just right. I love layering my clothes! Different colors (yes I can swear black!) What a lovely time of the year. The weather is awesome too. Right now my mornings are a bit too chilly... *seems like winter mornings almost* but I love cuddling with my blanket. I can also make all the warm foods now! Yes!

The baking begins now. During summer, its sorta hard to make the at home comfy foods. Its more about the light foods like salads and more summery flavors but fall allows you to make a combination of both! I can whip up my hot cocoas now.. my cardamom coffees... Lovely! I am super excited but I'm way more excited about my scarves!

I've been waiting for this weather to arrive. When I was in India, I bought these beautiful scarves for dirt cheap. They are vibrant and sooo sooo beautiful! I can't wait to pair them up with my favorite sweaters and shirts and BOOTS! yes! I am stoked!

Also exciting about Fall is the colors of the trees. I love it! I can't wait to bring out my camera and start snapping some gorgeous pictures! Nothing like the oranges in the leaves. My favorite is driving down a deserted street.. with leaves just blowing in the winds and watching the gorgeous colors. Its amazing how the leaves changes colors isnt it! I'm so glad that Fall is finally here!!!!

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