Thursday, September 24, 2009

"I" am dead.

You said you don't see the old "me" anymore. "I" seem to be lost or gone forever.
You said that even when you look into my eyes, you don't see "me" when in the past you could always find "me" in there...

"I" am gone. "I" have been gone for a while. How long have you been looking? "I"died this very year. I even had a little funeral for "me".

Ever wonder why the glow in my eyes are gone? Life killed the "me" you all knew. It happened slowly and noone even saw it happen. I screamed out for help, but noone heard me. When "I" slowly died, I was the only one around to see it happen.

I am a man without a pride. I am a woman without hope.

Did anyone ever think that everything will have this effect on "me" Noone saw this coming but now the it has passed, everyone is asking why?

"She" had the answers. I'm sorry."Shes" dead.

You say you can't find "me" anymore. I'm sorry. "I" am dead.

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