Sunday, September 27, 2009


That a leopard cannot change its spots,
Is an old adage certainly true,
But I am not a leopard,
Neither, my friend, are you.
Living in the past is dangerous,
If you repeat the same mistakes,
Or forget it’s the past in,
Choosing the road one takes.
Because only humans have a choice
In the decisions that they make.
We can take the truest path,
Where nothing is a fake,
Or take the path of least resistance,
And ride upon the road of ease.
Mindless of the final cost,
We can do what we please.
Or we can show love to all mankind,
And spread what happiness we can
Wash the world in great beauty,
To touch the heart of man.
So choose your life’s path most carefully.
Your choice can cause either joy or pain,
And makes you mankind’s glory,
Or its deadliest bane.

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