Monday, September 14, 2009

Absence of self

Many times we meet people that walk into our lives and change us forever, others not so much. I have met many people throughout the adventure of my life... sure enough there have been a few that have impacted my life in ways that make me who I am today and many haven't even touched it.

Today I am here to talk about someone who has influenced me so much that today, I look at the world differently. This person came into my world at the most unexpected time and caught me by surprise.

We shall call this person Orange.

Orange taught me so much about myself. How happiness should be internal and not external. Your happiness shouldn't rely on a person, an object or a moment. It should come from within. You should be happy with yourself to see the happiness in others... It makes perfect sense... Hard to grasp but makes total sense.

Today I sit here on a breezy evening looking at the flowers, the trees and sky, the moth flying around and nothing seems the same. I see everything with a different depth in life. I smell every rose when I walk past it, trying to find one to beat the last great smelling one, yet appreciating the scent it gives me... I realize that living this life is a privilege not a right... and to make each day the best and freezing it in our memory is all we can do.

Thank you Orange for showing me this greatness in life. Its because of you that I am who I am today. Thank you for allowing me to see the world through your eyes.

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