Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One step back

In life, I have been hit hard by so many things. Things that broke me many times but each time I managed to get back up, pick up the pieces and be me again. A month ago, I had all my guards up... Never trust another again. That was my motto! Why did I let it down? I don't know but they are back up. Thank you to God.

Ladies, never trust anyone unless they gain your trust. For the longest time, I believed, everyone should get 100% trust to begin with! WRONG! Don't trust right away. Let the person gain that trust. Learn it from someone who gives in way too easy. Trust everyone easily. Innocence is another word for ignorance which gets you NOWHERE in life. NOWHERE!

If you find yourself falling fast for someone one day. STOP. Take a step back and realize the truth. Sometimes we think that the person might have the same feelings because all the "signs" point towards it but until a person comes out and bluntly says it to you, don't believe it. Take it one step and a time and from time to time, take a step back. Make sure both of you are on the same page... Be blunt about it. Be prepared to be heart broken from day one. Because if you set yourself up for all this, it will hurt less in the end. You might get lucky and find someone that might not hurt you... still, be careful. Because, to trust someone in this world is to love someone and love is a painful feeling.

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