Tuesday, August 25, 2009


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Today I evolved. To what? The next level. A very close friend of mine, someone who is very dear to my heart helped me get where I am now. I learned and realized today how to live in the moment.

A few weeks ago, I saw a hummingbird about 5 feet away from me. The hummingbird felt like a blessing from god... a hello from someone I was yearning for. It came about 5 feet away from me, looked at me, and smiled. I swear that moment could not compare to any other in my life.

My friend used that very moment to help me realize how to live in the moment and to freeze that moment in time. He asked, "How did that bird make you feel?" I ofcourse said, "Happy and Free." Hes reply," that moment, did you feel like capturing the bird to repeat the moment?" OFCOURSE I DIDNT!

The minute I understood what he said, I felt so free. When you enjoy the company of someone, you shouldn't feel like repeating the moment again. Live in that moment. Don't worry about repeating it. Freeze that moment in time and let it become a memory. Once you evolve to this level, trust me, you feel unrestrained. Its an amazing feeling! Enjoy whats around you... Look at the sunset, the birds, the flowers, the simple things in life... and enjoy them... freeze the moment... a flower thats blooming today might be dead tomorrow... Enjoy it while it lasts and capture the moment in your memory. Because once that flower dies, it will never return.

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