Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've written many blogs... Some when I'm angry, some when I am happy and some just to convey my feelings to others. Today, I take the time out to write down my dreams. One day I hope to look back at this post, smile and say, Yes! I made them come true!

Dreams to me are like goals. There is a difference between the two. Goals are somewhat realistic whereas dreams can be fantasy... unrealistic. Some might disagree and I welcome those comments.

So here it goes......

I dream to have my own place soon. Hopefully, if god allows, by the end of this year. No I'm not buying a condo or a house, just an apartment. A home to go to. I live in a beautiful home right now but I want to build my own. Decorate it with pieces that reflect me. Fill the home with smells of things that represent me. The walls, the furniture, the ambiance should scream, ROMI!!!!!

Of course to get an apartment, I hope to get a job or two in Austin. This should be first of the list... Moving to Austin, Texas. I have so many dreams conjoined with that place. I have a feeling that I will find the real me once I get there. I am so excited. Nervous and scared too but staying strong because I know, I will make it. I have faith in myself!

Law school is high on the list too. Right now by profession, I'm a pharmacy technician. I love working with people but I have always dreamed of becoming a lawyer. Once I get settled in Austin, Texas, my behind is going back to school and working my way up to Law School! 10 years later, my dream of being lawyer will definitely come true.

Family. Amongst my fondest dreams lies the dream of providing for my family. I hope to help my mom find all the happiness that she wants in her elderly years. She has gone through so much for us. I am here today because of her and one day I hope to be there for her 100% as she has been for me. I also plan to have my own family.

That brings me to my last dream: having my own family. A lovely husband. If he and I agree on having kids, then yes two at the most... maybe a cat and a dog.... Us living in a beautiful home, that screams US! Having a beautiful kitchen in my home, entertaining while he does what makes him happy but knowing at the end of the day, I can cuddle with him, lean on him and tell him, Baby you are my dream come true. I love you. This dream is almost like fantasy for me, but I know one day my prince will come along. I believe in this so much! Look out everyone, one day Romi Romika Lal will become someone's princess!

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