Monday, August 17, 2009


I think it's time for a new beginning again. My trip to Virginia made me realize many things. Sometimes you really don't realize what you have until you loose it. Being away from family and actually being physically handicapped while going through a heartbreak seems so overwhelming. Got me thinking about moving. Do I actually want to be that far away from family?

The past couple of days have been so much fun! I've hung out with people that mean the world for me but I also realized that time does change people as do circumstances. That's totally acceptable. But- it does get you thinking about many things

My minds been going a million miles per hour. I have to much going on in there, I sometimes feel like I need to scream!

I hate that I get attached to people so easily! Always gets me in trouble. And funny thing is, I keep saying I'll change but how can I change who I am?

This is me. I love unconditionally until my heart is broken. Then I cry myself to sleep until I'm used to the circumstances and then, I repeat the viscious cycle all over again. Will the search ever end? Do good people really exist? Is it time to step out the fairytale world? Should I change myself? Maybe it is time...

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  1. You are changing already as you live day by day. Yes it would be wise not to wear your heart on your sleeve and when I left home ...i left 2 very dependent people behind. Stop helping, stop enabling and let them realize that you have your own life.

    No one asked you to be the leader, you just ended up there. Just like that no one can point fingers if they never stepped up and did what you have. do something for yourself for once...its time!