Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Prince Charming

Remember those fairy tales from when you were younger... the ones where a handsome prince comes along and sweeps the Princess off her feet... or my favorite, Cinderella.

Growing up, I always believed that one day, my prince charming will also come along and sweep me off my feet. Now he might not take me to a white castle on top of a mountain but I always thought that I would be loved... unconditionally by that special someone. Someone who will remember little things about me. Someone who will brush the hair from my face, look into my eyes and tell me that he loves me. Someone who will wipe my tears away when I cry and give me the tightest hugs when I'm sad. He who will hold my hand and walk down the beach with me... leaving both footprints on the sand and in my heart....

As I grew up to be the woman I am today, I realized that fairy tales are called fairy tales for a reason... they aren't reality. I met some great young men who very politely decided to step all over my heart and leave it bruised... I learned... and realized. My prince charming wont come. I stopped believing. I lost faith... until today.

Today I realized, they do exist. After seeing the newly married, Mr & Mrs Karan Gupta, I believe that one day, I too will find my prince. My inspiration: Karan Gupta. He loves my friend who is just like a sister, to death! He remembers the little things... like how she likes the red flakes on her pizza and what she wore on certain dates. Its adorable. Hes loving, caring and sweet. I took the liberty of telling him today, Jija *brother in law* I don't think they make em like you anymore.

I just want to thank the couple for reviving the hope one more time. Thank you and may god bless you two forever. I love you both and hope that you fall in love with each other daily...

May the dream live... I sit in hopes that one day my prince charming will come along... sweep me off my feet and love me unconditionally....

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