Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Move

I've lived in California from the day I arrived to the United States. Its become a hate/love relationship now. I love it here because I have so many people that I know here. Families right here too... Friends are all over the place... but no jobs! After 12 years, I have decided, I'm moving. Where to? Austin, Texas. Yes, out of California. Now that's a leap for me. I've never lived on my own... always stayed with mom and now all of a sudden, I'm moving out alone to a unknown city... damn UNKNOWN STATE!

I must tell you, I'm scared. Very scared. What if I don't make it. What if I end up just wasting my time. What if... Right now all I can think of is what if something goes wrong with my car. I have Donald, my brother-in-law here but I won't have anyone there. Oh Jesus! I am terrified of this move. Someone Help! Should I do it? Yes, No? Help me!

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