Wednesday, July 29, 2009

80 Random Facts About Me

1.I have the biggest sweet tooth in the universe
2.I’ve almost been married twice.
3.I check Zodiac compatibility when I meet people
4.I can watch the movie Titanic over and over again
5.I own a BOB (battery operated buddy)
6.I worry about my future more than I need to.
7.I want to get old with my husband and want to die before he does
8.I bite my finger-nails
9.I can’t ride a bicycle
10.I played with dolls until I was 16
11.I would never have an abortion myself, but I am pro-choice.
12.At the age of 14, I thought I could pregnant by kissing someone
13.I love my mom to death and would do anything for her happiness
14.I love to smile
15.I think gay people should be allowed to get married.
16.I worry a lot
17.I believe in fairytales
18.I love my Indo-Fijian background
19.I don’t eat beef; by choice
20.I love easily
21.I skipped an entire semester of high school but graduated an entire semester early
22.I can’t swim but I love the waters
23.I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer
24.I am terrified of heights
25.I love spicy food
26.I hate onions. I mean, I really hate them and I can't understand why on earth anyone eats them.
27.I would like to learn Spanish so I can hold an ongoing conversation in Spanish with someone one day
28.I like kitchen aid mixers; I want a red and chrome one when I get my own house
29.I had the hugest crush on Lance Bass from ‘Nsync. I still listen to their music
30.I spent my 21st birthday at the hospital because I had an outbreak of shingles
31.I was poisoned by a centipede in Fiji when I was 5-6 years old. I didn’t go to the hospital
32.I dislike smokers
33.I honestly believe that men and women can be friends without agendas.
34.I do not carry any pictures in my wallet
35.I dance and sing out loud randomly
36.I wanted to be a stripper when I was 16
37.I’ve been poor before. So poor that we didn’t have food in the house to eat and almost lost our house. I never want to be poor again
38.I once paid a $1000 bill at a vet’s office for a cat that I didn’t even own
39.I never liked history and geography in school
40.I get lost very easily
41.I love surprises
42.I don't tell my family and friends how much they mean to me enough. I hope they know.
43.I love the smell of fresh cut grass
44.I hate driving
45.My favorite season is fall
46.I love fresh cherries but can’t stand anything cherry flavored
47.I love watching cartoons
48.I enjoy cooking
49.I am an over achiever
50.I love technology
51.I think all flowers are beautiful
52.I love getting hand written letters from time to time but hate writing them myself.
53.I am not the world's greatest speller. (I am too dependent on my spell check.)
54.I like my pizza with ranch dressing
55.My favorite drink is sweet iced tea
56.Sometimes, I’m afraid of the dark
57.I can’t watch horror movies or gruesome (Saw, Hostel) movies
58.I am a bargain shopper
59.I love rainy days and stormy nights
60.I hate roller coasters
61.My first car was a 1991 Honda Accord
62.I love presents! Giving and receiving.
63.I am very impatient
64.I think sex is an amazing invention.
65.I miss my grandpa tremendously
66.I have never broken a bone
67.I don't have a "type"
68.I love potatoes
69.I cannot keep my room tidy
70.I love sad lyrics *no I’m not an emo*
71.I love to bake
72.I’m not ticklish
73.I like my coffee made with milk; just milk 2%
74.I am somewhat religious. I believe in GOD
75.I love to see people smile but suck at joking
76.I am bisexual
77.My favorite color is pink
78.My favorite numbers are 27, 2 and 4
79.I'm extremely loyal. I keep my friends forever and ever.
80.My middle name has my first name in it. Romi Romika Lal

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